Зачетка заросла бурьяном,
И смерть пришла косить косой.
Repeat копал лопатой яму,
Until следил за глубиной
Matrix has me


- Crash the system! - said Pux.
- The system is endless, - replied Winnie.
- So crash the system infinitely! - said Pux again.

"What a mad beer!" thought A Pigrammer, looking through the window.


- Do you know an admin password? - asked Winnie.
- We don't need it, - answered Pux, - We enter in the god mode and we'll be one's who want...


"Boolean OR NOT Boolean," - thought Winnie.
- That is a frequently asked question, - said Pux

Pigrammer couldn't tell Shakesbeer if his life variable was true or false.


Embracing they sat before the screen twinkling in the dark.
- It's and, - said Pux and pressed Enter.
Incorrect expression found. Fatal system error, - gave the system. Screen blinked last time and extinguished...
- Really this we wanted? - asked Winnie.
"Beer, beer, beer!!!" thought Pigrammer, and pressed Reset...


Winnie decided to sink the system. The mouse was the first to run away.
Pux carefully hid the titanic corps of his new mobile phone. "If the system can be sank", he thought.

Pigrammer shouted:
- Devils! My desired mug of beer! My favourite keyboard!


The System rules (Pigrammer copyright).
System always has a pigrammer, and having beer pigrammer always has the System - axiom.
Much beer does not can be - the first System rule.
If beer are too much, see the first system rule - the second System rule.


- Happy Birthday, Pux! - said Winnie. - Look, what a nice present I've brought to you!
- Oh, Winnie! How did you guess! - smiled Pux. - What a beautiful color! #FF0000 is great! What a perfect form! My favorite size!
Pigrammer took a heart-shaped object and flew away through the window.
The Pigrammer, Shakesbeer And All, All, All...


Winnie was glad to fly on a red heart-shaped object.
Pux sang by his beer's voice:

Laugh's the funeral of fights
And an ode for reality
When demons fly high
On wings of lightness in fear

Pigrammer said: "Oh, my dear mother! I want to kill you!!!"


- I think, Pigrammer said: "Oh, mother fu..er" - said the Shakesbeer.
Yes, he could say so - said Pux. - I hope Winnie did't hear this.


Jentlemen, - said Winnie quietly. - I heard everything as perfectly as never before. I had to use this expression because WinnieBrainPro System doesn't include such vocabulary. Thahks!
-F**k the system!!! - shouted Pux, Pigrammer end Shakesbeer happily.


- All strangling and strangling... - said Shakesbeer and deceased...
- Miserable, said Pigrammer and began shaking other beer...


- I'm so thirsty, - said Pux.
- You need some liquid, - answered Winnie. - Some liquid from the crystal-clear skies of Arctic.
- Where will I search for some liquid from the crystal-clear skies of Arctic? - screamed Pux.
- Download it somewhere! - advised Winnie.

Pux set down next to their LCD monitor looking for crystal-clear liquid on the sites of Arctic.


- Goth undead! - told Shakesbeer his friends.
- God will punish evil! - shouted Pux.
- Universe evil! - continued Winnie.

"Universe goat" - thought Pigrammer.


- You are goat himself, thought Universe and once bitten its tail again...

- You are the Universe goats!!! - shouted Pigrammer. - We're going to live in Goatverse! Breath goat air! And swim in beer rivers!

The Universe wasn't surprised. It sent him e-tail as a reward.
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